Abstract Planet Collection - Pearl Hoops - AMARE WEAR
Abstract Planet Collection - Pearl Hoops - AMARE WEAR
Abstract Planet Collection - Pearl Hoops - AMARE WEAR


Abstract Planet Collection - Pearl Hoops

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Materials: Swarovski Crystal Pearls, 14k Rose Gold Wire, 14k Gold Wire, Sterling Silver Hoops.
Weight: 3-3.5g
Width: 2” x Height: 2"


Crystal Pearls by Swarovski are pearls made with a crystal core. Their unparalleled harmonious and lustrous shimmer is achieved using a unique coating technology developed by Swarovski. It is the first production method in the world to combine the quality of a perfect crystal core with the exquisite beauty of a pearl coating. The innovative technology by Swarovski gives the pearl a mysterious glow, which appears to be radiating from within the pearl itself. The strictest quality controls help ensure the absolute flawlessness of each Crystal Pearl.


Many simulated pearls offer some drawbacks. Contact with perfume or perspiration can cause plastic imitation pearls to lose their pearl coating. Because faux pearls are easily scratched, cleaning them can be challenging. Swarovski pearls, on the other hand, are washable and are not susceptible to damage from perfume or perspiration. They are also resistant to scratches.


And as is the case with genuine, cultured pearls, the temperature of Swarovski pearls changes to reflect the temperature of the wearer's skin. Because this quality is one reason jewelry lovers cherish genuine pearls, the realistic color, luster and feel of Swarovski crystal pearls are major selling points.
Content Credit: Swarovski.comLeaf.tv

Each piece is handcrafted in San Francisco. Each earring will be a slightly different design, created by our design team. A perfect gift for you or someone special.  

Care Instructions: 
  • Wipe with soft fabric to clean product. Avoid alcohol, solvents or chemical cleaning products.
  • Do not drop in water or wear while bathing, showering or swimming.
  • Do not wear while applying perfume, spray or hairspray products.
  • Do not drop or put hard objects on top of it and prevent scratching.