About Amare Wear


Hi! I’m Jill (thanks for being here!). I’ve been jewelry obsessed since I can remember. 

As a little girl, I made my sister a gold initial bracelet[pearl necklace] for her 18th birthday. The smile my creation brought to her face is something I’ll never forget. That's when I discovered my passion for jewelry making and my appreciation for making people feel happy and beautiful.

I’ve been working as head of product design by day and jewelry designer by night since 2015. To hone my craft, I took jewelry classes after work and on weekends, selling online and at craft shows. In 2017, I proudly launched Amare Wear—borrowing Amare from my son’s middle name which is Italian for “to love.”


Amare Wear is designed in San Francisco by Jill and handcrafted by passionate artisans across the U.S., India, Japan, and Italy. We strive to use ethically sourced materials including precious and semi-precious stones, and precious metals. Our commitment to sustainable, slower jewelry-making stretches from ensuring fair pay for our artisans to producing in small batches. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality pieces and offering them at fair prices. 

You may notice Amare Wear collections span a range of designs and textures, which is intentional! Variety is the spice of life after all. Find something uniquely you, to wear (and love) for years to come. 

Thank you for shopping handmade first! 
From all of us at Amare Wear