Our Story

Amare Wear: Jewelry for Curious Souls

A Story of Love and Exploration

Amare Wear wasn't born in a boardroom; it bloomed on a beach, fueled by a mother's love and a son's boundless curiosity. The name "Amare" itself whispers the essence of the brand - love, in Italian. It's the middle name of the founder  (Jill)’s son (Odin).  Their story began with a simple joy: creating art together. 
As a busy single mom, Jill found solace and connection with Odin in crafting. They spent countless afternoons transforming polymer clay, colorful stones, and seashells, gathered on their travels around the world, into vibrant pieces of jewelry. Each creation held a memory - the salty breeze of a foreign beach, the awe-inspiring sight of a majestic mountain range, the shared laughter of a mother and son exploring the world together.
But it wasn't just about the beauty of the pieces; it was about the stories they held, the whispers of faraway lands, and the energy of the natural world embedded in each stone and shell. Odin, ever the curious soul, was fascinated by the healing properties some believed stones possessed. He would pepper Jill with questions about their origins and potential benefits, sparking a shared passion for the world of crystals and gemstones.
Simple moments often hold the seeds of something extraordinary. Jill wore a necklace she'd created - a vibrant combination of polymer clay and a unique element Odin had found on their travels. A friend's remark about its captivating beauty sparked a transformation. What began as a mother-son bonding ritual blossomed into Amare Wear - a brand built on the foundations of love, exploration, and a fascination with the natural world's hidden wonders.

Amare Wear's Mission:

Amare Wear is more than just jewelry; it's an invitation to a life filled with curiosity and wonder. We believe in the power of stories, the magic of travel, and the healing energy of nature. Our handcrafted pieces are designed to be more than adornments; they are conversation starters, talismans of adventure, and reminders to embrace the world with an open heart and a curious mind.
We invite you to join us on this journey, to explore the beauty of handcrafted jewelry made with love, and to discover the stories waiting to be unearthed within each unique piece.

About Amare Wear