Birthday Necklace July - Ruby 14k gold necklace
Birthday Necklace July - Ruby 14k gold necklace


Birthday Necklace July - Ruby 14k gold necklace

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Ruby Meaning: The July Birthstone of Passion, Love, and Protection

Ruby is the July birthstone and is known as the "king of gems" due to its rarity, beauty, and mystical powers. The name ruby comes from the Latin word "ruber," which means "red." The finest quality rubies are a deep red color with a hint of purple, known as "pigeon's blood."

Rubies have been prized for centuries for their beauty and believed to possess a variety of powers. In ancient India, rubies were thought to protect against misfortune and illness, and to bring power, wealth, and success in love. In ancient China, rubies were believed to promote courage and strength, and to ward off evil spirits.

Rubies are associated with the following meanings:

  • Passion: Rubies are said to encourage passion and a zest for life. They are said to boost motivation and help people set realistic goals.
  • Love: Rubies are also associated with love and commitment. They are said to promote faithfulness and devotion in romantic relationships.
  • Protection: Rubies are believed to protect against misfortune and illness. They are also said to promote courage and strength.
  • Wealth: Rubies are often associated with wealth and prosperity. They are said to attract money and abundance.
  • Health: Rubies are said to have a number of health benefits. They are said to detoxify the body, blood, and lymphatic system. They are also said to treat fevers, infectious diseases, and restricted blood flow.

If you are born in July, a ruby is the perfect birthstone for you. It is a beautiful and powerful gem that can bring you many blessings.

Our Birthday Collection offers a simple, elevated version of classic birthstone jewelry. These pieces are made to be gifted and celebrated!

Made to order


  • 14k Yellow Solid Gold  Necklace Medium Round Cable - 18" with Extension Chain (14k gold will not oxidize or discolor)

  • Pendant Size: 3.40mm (0.15 CT)

  • Bezel: Tapered Bezel

  • Made in the USA

Stone Information:

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